Friday, November 12, 2010

Gift Ideas: Men

I am going to stick with mostly stocking stuffer ideas for men. I have a difficult time finding things on Etsy that I think my husband would want. He doesn't wear cuff links, he doesn't wear artsy t-shirts, he doesn't hang up his own artwork, he isn't a musician, etc. He's a smart technological guy, yet isn't a real geek. :P

My husband likes coffee and tea, he likes comfy pajama pants, he likes soap, and on a cold day, he likes being warm. He likes small technological things, but hardly buys anything for himself. He is very frugal. So buying for him is not always easy, he often doesn't really want much. My husband is a vegetarian but I added in the BBQ spice rub because I bet it's really good on veggies on the grill too!


Angela said...

I agree that man gifts are hard on Etsy. I have found a guy who makes guitar picks from wood and bone and Aubrey says they are the best picks ever - so he gets a "refill" every birthday and holiday now :)

He also does not wear cuff links and the artsy shirts are a little tight and I don't really have a small guy :)

I have also found some very cool guitar straps and belt buckles on Etsy.

beka said...

I Looooove all the mugs. And the custom pj pants.. Hahah:)

Leslie said...

Nice ideas! There's not much hunting stuff on Etsy - that's what mone loves. But I always like to find some unique stocking stuffer stuff, too!

(Hmmm . . . guitar straps and picks would be for me! hehe :P )