Friday, November 12, 2010

Love this feeling

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I love the feeling of the Holidays approaching! Last weekend's chilly weather turned a little warmer again during this week, but nights have still been nice and cool. Something simple like weather cooling down can be exhilarating to me!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving! As I said before, we are going to my parent's house in AL for it this year. And I forget if I already said this or not, but me and Kavi are staying extra long again!

My mom is going to be selling at a craft fair in downtown Birmingham the first weekend in December, and I really wanted to be able to go. She sold there last year and it went very well for her. So we devised a plan for me and Kavi to be able to stay and go to it, but also had to find a way to get back home! It gets tricky, and we missed out on some amazing airfare deals($60 one way). So the way we are getting back home is to stay there for 2 weeks, then drive back to FL with my mom, in her car. She will stay here for those 10 or so days before Christmas. Then my dad and other family are driving down here for Christmas. Lots of back and forth huh?! But we all couldn't bare to be apart on these holidays.

I am trying to get more gift idea groupings done since I realize if anyone is going to shop online, they might need to start doing it soon!

So far I posted gift/stocking stuffer ideas for female friends and little artists. I added a Gift Ideas picture button on the top left. Soon coming are gift ideas for men(ok, that's always SO difficult for me, don't expect too much for men!), little girls, and little boys.


Angela said...

Are you going to take your things and share the booth with her? I am so glad you are getting to spend so much time with each other. I hope all of your house issues get resolved soon and you can move to Alabama! Wow- a $60 ticket? I have never been on an airplane - (no kidding!) Aubrey and I have been talking about making a short trip just so I can see what it is all about but it is hard to justify buying airline tickets right now - my business needs to pick up steam first - I am having too many rollercoaster weeks now.

Christina said...

I am not really going to share the booth with her, though she told me to bring some of my items to sell. I don't want to take away from her selling though so I am not sure! Plus, she only gets a 4 foot space! I don't want to take up her room. But maybe I will bring something. :) I am planning to bring all my jewelry to AL so I can ship that if it sells while I am away. Leaving the pillows at home and the hubby says he will ship them for me if need be. I'll have to have everything set up for him, tissue paper, business cards, ribbon, etc LOL!

I am still a little nervous when it comes to flying, but I do it when I have to like visiting India. Since we moved to Florida and flew down then in 1984, I have not been on a plane ride just to visit somewhere else in the US. It's only been for visiting India! How crazy is that lol. I just want a normal, short plane journey now haha. If I hadn't had to visit India, I am not sure I would have been on planes either.

I know sometimes southwest has one way $60 deals still between close cities, you could look into it in the future! I am sure it would be really exciting to go on your first flight. :)

Angela said...

I think that is on my "to do" list for next year for sure!

I think it is sweet that he is going to ship your pillows... I would never be able to do that! I love Aubrey and he would do anything in the world for me but it would be a matter of forgetting it and leaving it in his car or something like that. You are much braver than I am :)