Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holiday Goodies

I finally made new things. Sales have still been "bleh" but I did finally sell one thing at least, a cardinal pillow! So that inspired me to make two more Christmassy items yesterday. I wanted to get them listed as soon as possible before the holidays, so they are in the shop now! If for some reason they don't sell before Christmas, I'd love to use them in my own home for decor.

Christmas bunting! $15
Evergreen pillow $22


considerthelillies said...

oh...I love both those things!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela said...

Oh those will both sell before Christmas I bet! SO cute!! My shop is having a bad week followed by a good week followed by a bad week - not sure what is going on! (We are on a bad week this week) Ornament sales are picking up a bit but are nothing like last year so far - it is still early though :) Oh and I am making gift certificates this year so I am excited about that. I am using the Picnik program you introduced me to - I LOVE it!!

miss jille said...

Love that bunting, just added it to my favorites on Etsy!

geschichtenvonkat said...

cute, i love them both but especially the pillow. the little accents you are doing on them like the bunting and brooch really stand out!

i'm glad you got back to making a few things though. and i feel putting up new listings always boosts the shop's views and such so maybe it will help turn things around, my fingers are crossed for you!