Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Downtown Disney

On Saturday we went to Orlando to "Downtown Disney". It's a shopping area related to Disney World, on the same property, but it's free to walk around. There are a couple different sections to it. We went there in August after not being there for almost six years, to go eat at the Rainforest Cafe, which is on the very family friendly side of the area. We went to eat there again on Saturday. In August we signed up for a discount card from them for $15(that one fee for life, not per year!). They sent us a $10 off coupon in the mail with our membership card and then another for my birthday. So already that's $20 savings for paying $15. Plus, we get 10% off every bill when we eat there. For a place that is not very cheap to eat at, our bill was only $21 Saturday due to the coupon and discount card.

It's so fun to just walk around there! Let's say you go to Orlando and need something cheap to do, go there! You may end up spending money on food, snacks, or how about a delicioussss sundae from the Ghirardelli chocolate shop?

Here are some pictures I took that evening.

Planet Hollywood restaurant(has movie props all over inside)

T-Rex themed restaurant

Huge Disney Store

Rainforest Cafe fish tanks

Inside the "Christmas all year" store, it was very cozy inside!

A paint splattered Mickey! And a cutie. :)
We plan to go back again right after Christmas while my family is visiting here.

For more info about the place, click this link, and a map is below.

(click map for huge image)


jordiegirl said...

Brings back memories of our two holidays to Disney World in Orlando. Oh to go back again but we are in England so will have to save up our pennies!

Nen said...

love that pic of kavi with mickey! heehee!