Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Valentine's Day turned out nice and relaxing here. We spontaneously decided to meet up with my husband for lunch that day. We rarely meet him for lunch so it was a nice treat, even if it was just Wendy's. Then we went to Target but my husband had to leave soon after to go back to work. Me and Kavi stayed at Target for awhile. I love Target. I think I may have said that before. ;) In the evening we stayed home and watched a movie after Kavi went to bed. (The movie Red).

Wow. Not too many days left before the trip. I get butterflies in my stomach once in awhile. And I'm still on a little quest to find two more comfortable, but not ugly, shirts to bring to wear in India. It will be warmer there than it has been here. I think it will be mid-high 80's during the day while we are there. I have shirts I could bring, but I'd rather not have to wear anything that requires a tank top underneath if it's sheer or too low cut, since that will make me feel warmer.

I'm 11 sales away from reaching 200 sales in Coffee and Cream, but I'm going to be putting both of my shops on vacation in a few days.

I wanted to share some cute artwork that I have been admiring from InkTreePress.


Angela said...

Good luck in finding your shirts and also on reaching 200!! Yay for you!!

Love the "pick up your toys" print. It reminds me of a vintage toy chest I saw in Memphis - it was $15 and I have no idea why it wasn't in some little kid's room!

Chana said...

oh! Have so much fun on your trip! Take lots of pics!! Love the snips of inspiration again!