Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspiration Sharing

Today looks like it's going to be rainy! I only recently finished up some coffee, which I felt I need extra bad this morning! I am just so tired out feeling! I got a decent amount of sleep but still felt so sluggish when I got out of bed. Last night Kavi had a lot of fun with his birthday present. I will probably share pictures on Friday. His birthday party is happening this Sunday! We are having a bunch of people over to the house.

Last week I asked if anyone wanted to comment with links to things they like and Beka of hold on, love left links for three wonderful turquoise things! All were featured on a blog called Everything Turquoise. I hadn't seen that blog before, so thank you Beka for that!

She linked to this adorable apron:
This bench:
It could definitely be a do it yourself project with an old bench and the right paint color!

Beka linked to these heels:
I decided to add some dress ideas for the heels.
Both dresses are from, one is from the plus size section for people like me. :P
Maybe the shoes would be better with fancier dresses, but that is what I found for now.

As I was trying to finish this post my browser decided to close suddenly. Thankfully blogger auto saves the posts as you are writing, otherwise I would have been mad! Sadly, my laptop is having problems again. My husband ordered a part for it that should be here soon. I am using our regular PC and it is not good for downloading files or trying to open them! The PC starts sounding like a distant airplane engine getting ready for take off, when opening one simple file.


Beka said...

Oh, I know--I love how Blogger auto saves! I don't know how many times I've accidentally exited the page....gosh...
I'm glad you liked the links I posted!
Those are some pretty dresses:)
Better to err on the side of not-too-formal, so you can wear it to more places. :)

Hope your laptop gets fixed soon, dear!

--LOVING your profile picture; how adorable is that:)

Angela said...

All cute things!! I forgot to come over and say Happy Birthday to Kavi! So, Happy Birthday, Kavi!!!!!!!!!!!

thestoryofkat said...

aw humbug, i forgot to leave some links! i will have to get on that asap if you decide to do it again sometime :)