Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Party snippets

Pictures from Kavi's 3rd birthday party last Sunday.

Thomas the Train cake and hats! He had a blast driving his new truck with the other kids, and let other kids take turns driving too. Thankfully the weather was decent. It had rained all day Saturday and then later on in the day on Sunday, but the rain held back during the party. It rained again most of yesterday.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes!!
Two weeks from today=leaving for India! ahhh still have to buy some things in preparation. I am actually getting excited about the trip now! Praise the Lord. I think it will be a fun trip - one of my sis in laws will be getting married while we are there!


Beka said...

cute pictures from the party! looks like a pretty fun time:)

ah, how lovely will that be--a wedding while you're in India! sweet!

Angela said...

Kavi has such a pretty smile! (I think it is okay to say pretty if they are still babies, right?) The party looks great and I love the photo of him driving the other kids in his truck.