Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Pictures

I missed my vintage post yesterday! The day got away from me. I was cleaning and then not having my laptop to use makes putting pictures on here take longer.

And today we are bummed out because it's Kavi's 3rd birthday party on Sunday, and my mom, dad, sister Jenny, and friend Rachel were supposed to be driving down from AL today to visit for the weekend. But sadly, my dad got sick and Jenny and Rachel didn't feel completely well either. So they can't come. There has been a stomach virus going around up there, probably everywhere! I wonder, can we really escape it?

We will still have a lot of people over for Kavi's party, but it won't be the same without my immediate family. Boooo! :(

Here are pictures from Kavi's actual birthday on Tuesday, his present, his little cake, etc.
Blindfolded him for his present..."truck!"
wow...When my husband first showed him where to push to accelerate, Kavi was very nervous and said he wanted to go back inside! That's after months of him seeing these power wheels in the stores saying he wants one! But after five minutes, he got used to it and then was driving without help!
A big piece of chocolate cakemmmmm...
We are going to have a big Thomas the Train cake at his party. He loves Thomas!


Angela said...

Look at that smile!! He looks good in that little truck - before long he will be driving a real one!

I read about the virus on your mom's Facebook. I am so sorry. I know all of you were looking forward to being together for Kavi's party.

Nen said...

oh my!! what a power wheel surprise!!!

so sorry to hear that your family can't make it... the stomach virus is NOT fun!! i hope they feel better.... and i hope you still have a great party on Sunday!

Beka said...

Ahh, looks like a great time! :)
Wow. Oh for the days of wearing shorts...hehehe.

I'm sorry your family can't come to visit for that! :( Hope they feel better soon!

thestoryofkat said...

a very happy birthday to kavi, definitely looks like he is enjoying it!

sorry to hear that your family couldn't be together for it, what a bummer. hope they get better soon and can still visit.