Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 Day Shred: Days 25-30 and Result


  1. 25. Day of rest
  2. 26. Went back to level 2, certain things were easier now. But still a challenge, of course!
  3. 27. Back to level 3, and I’m improving.
  4. 28. Felt so tired today but we did the exercise, level 3, and I am happy we did. TWO DAYS LEFT!
  5. 29. One day left! Feeling good.
  6. 30. Last day of the “30 days”..I feel so much stronger than the first day!
So I did exercise 6 days a week, and went up a level about every 9-10 days. There are still quite a few moves I can hardly do. I think I need to lose more weight before I can do it all, but I have definitely built muscle and endurance! This really will change how you feel in a month!

Even though the 30 days ended last Friday, I will keep doing this workout, alternating which level we do, maybe 3-4 times a week. The other days I will use the exercise bike.

I lost about 4 lbs during the month. Some days I carefully counted calories and other days I didn't.

I measured myself in various areas so that I could share those results too.

Amount of inches lost from each measured area:

Waist -1 inch
Hips -1 inch
What I call the "bulge" above waist - 1/2 inch
Left upper arm - 1/2 inch
Right upper arm - 3/4 inch
Right and Left upper thigh - 1/2 inch off each
Right and Left lower thigh -1 inch off each
Right lower arm -3/4 inch
Left lower arm - 1/2 inch

I am very happy to see results! I actually noticed the inch gone off of my waist after about 3 weeks! Of course, I made the mistake of googling other people's results and some people lost 2-3 inches from their waist and elsewhere. But I need to not think about that. I am bloated right now(the monthly thing) so I am wondering if things will change at the end of this week with more pounds shown lost.

If anyone wants to catch up on what I wrote about days 1-30, you can click the Losing Weight link on the left, under "Common Topics". :)

I would suggest this DVD to anyone looking to tone up muscle and lose inches! My stomach muscles feel incredibly different than when I started. My husband, who is much thinner than I am, did most of the shred with me. He just missed the first week. You can tell how his stomach muscles have shaped up from only 3 or so weeks of it! Since he doesn't have much stomach fat blocking the muscles, it's more visible. But I know that my stomach muscles(underneath everything lol) have taken a similar shape even though I can't really see it!

It also built a lot of muscle in my thighs and you can see it especially in the lower thighs. I am stronger for things like squats, jumping jacks and lunges.

We did the shred, level 2, last night just to keep it up like I plan to! One last thing...if you try this out and feel discouraged that you can't do all the movements, just keep going! Just attempting it will make you sweat and burn calories. You can always do the modified versions shown, and sometimes when I needed an even more modified version, I made it up.

I hope you're all having a nice week!!


Chana said...

Good for you!! It's a tough work out and it takes so much energy! Thats so awesome!

Angela said...

I am so proud of you for making it all the way through!!! Congrats on the pounds and the inches!!

Beka said...

that's awesome! :)