Friday, February 25, 2011

Things are good!

Pictures: me&kavi in restaurant; the golden wok restaurant; students gathered outside for a student body election that we passed by; some of the yummy food; from newly built buildings to shacks, right by each other; shops.

Hi! I'm not sure that I have a way to move these pictures from the top of the post on my phone so it'll just have to be at the beginning.

Things are going well here! Kavi is doing great. I'm so happy about that. The time difference still presents a sleep challenge but Kavi did better last night. I have been up since 4am India time after falling asleep after midnight. I tried sleeping more but I've just been laying in bed awake. It's now 8 am here, Saturday. The internet is being weird due to a wiring issue that my husband keeps fixing, so I'm writing this now and will just have to save it to publish when the internet is back on.

I already feel more happy on this trip because it's going to be filled with more outings. Yesterday we went out to east with our niece to an Indo-Chinese fusion restaurant. It was about a 20 minute taxi ride away. Besides eating at a hotel here in india, it was my first real restaurant visit(McDonald's doesn't count, I've already gone to McDs here in the past hehe). So that was fun. It looked similar to a nice chinese restaurant we would have in the US.

And today, we are going to the mall! Possibly two malls! We will be looking for a pretty Indian outfit for me to wear to my sis-in-law's wedding on March 6th. Yay! The only downside is that since I am taller than the average woman here ( I'm 5'7") and also ummm, not thin, it can be a challenge finding an already made outfit in the right size. ;)

I think it's going to be a fun day though!

The internet is working again now, goodie.
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considerthelillies said...

so so so happy for you guys having a good visit! Outings are way more fun than innings, so happy shopping today! I will pray that you find the perfect outfit!

Beka said...

ohh, i'm so glad you're all having a good time! it sounds so interesting. looks like it too:)
yay for a pretty outfit!!

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

So happy things are going well this time around. I bet you'll find a perfect outfit that looks gorgeous on you!

thestoryofkat said...

that is great that things are going better this time around and dang, i want some of that food :)

a good friend of mine from india showed me pictures from a family wedding she attended beautiful and different from here. i hope you enjoy yourselves and find a fun outfit!