Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration and Rest


We had a busy, fun (and a little sad) weekend. Today me and Kavi are relaxing at home. I am drained! Kavi's party was really fun for him yesterday. I will share pictures tomorrow! We were just sad since my parents and some others couldn't come due to illness. We still had about 20 people here. There were 5 little tots running around, plus his 2nd cousin who is almost 10yrs old now, plus a baby. I think they all had lots of fun!

We worked hard cleaning the house ahead of time and getting all the snacks ready. I have bad ankles and today they are really sore from being on them so much. So it will be a day of rest.

Oh, I also want to update the 30 day shred info! I will write about it tomorrow or Wednesday. :)


Beka said...

ah, i love that shot of the globe, and the cabinet it's on.
and those suitcases.....ah! ♥
rest those ankles, lady!

Angela said...

So glad his party turned out good even though the family couldn't come :(