Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paint Progress

Yesterday I mentioned paint in my son's room. So it's halfway painted, still. I wonder if it will be done before Christmas? hah. But I'm loving the color!

We still have the changing table in his room, mostly used as storage right now. Plus some of my mom's things since she is sleeping in there. I can't wait until it's all painted, and then I can rearrange things and finish decorating.


Angela said...

I love the color too! My little nephew, Paxton, has a room that exact same color.

Beka said...

Oooh, I love it!
it's such a light, almost icy blue. Adorable.

cabin + cub said...

love the colour! i always love robins egg blue. :)

Nen said...

great color! it even matches that bird on the shelf! :) i bet you'll be relieved when it's all done! and i'm sure it will be fantastic!!