Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vintage Thursday: Gussied up for Christmas

Fab Gabs Vintage Trapeze Coat

Let's imagine a Christmas party or a fancy Christmas Eve dinner where you get all gussied up in unique vintage items. I'll need a red coat, nice shoes, and a dress. If I were to go to such an event, these are the items I'd like to pick from in my closet. We can dream!

1, 2, 3, 4

coats from HazeyJaneVintage, Mary Janes(lost the link!)

Shoes from DearGoldenVintage

I love this dress:
Dorothy from Emerald City from missfarfalla

How about some gold
Gold satin party dress from tiddleywink

Do you have a favorite item? One of the more casually classic dresses? Would you go for the satin or velvet? :)


thestoryofkat said...

LOVE that velvet green dress! i have been looking for a plaid vintage christmas dress but have yet to find the right one that will fit.

do you ever read the blog of the girl that models for fab gabs? it's called vixen vintage and always has gorgeous photos!

jordiegirl said...

I love the red coat on the first photo and I'd like to own the gold dress - wow - I'd look fabulous on Christmas Day.

Have a good holiday.

Angela said...

Love that green dress!! I just ordered a new vintage dress a couple of days ago. I have my fingers crossed that it will get here for New Year's Eve.

Beka said...

My my my, I love those dresses!! Gah, vintage. Always makes me dream.