Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We made it home last night! It was quite a journey. It took us eleven hours total. We didn't make very long stops but we did need an extra stop or two along the way. Overall, Kavi has done so well on the road trips even after being potty trained. I keep him in a pull-up while on the drive just in case we don't get him to a bathroom in time, but he didn't even have to go in them! He is a very good road tripper. He mostly just sits content in his car seat looking at the cars on the highway, or takes little naps. I am glad my mom was with us on the ride since it was my first time being the sole driver for that kind of distance. I survived!

Just some catch up things:

I loved the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie!

On Sunday it flurried on and off all day, not just the morning! There wasn't enough falling to collect on the ground very much though.

Monday morning when we left for Florida, it was flurrying again!! There were random flurries for the first 2 1/2 hours of the drive. Very winter feeling!

Every time we had to stop for gas, food, or bathroom breaks, getting all bundled up right at the car was hard, and cold! Then once back in the car, it's too hot to be wearing all the layers. Us Floridians are just not used to it!

My throat is hurting a lot. I felt like I had a chest cold last week. My chest doesn't hurt much anymore but my throat does a lot! So I went to a clinic tonight to get checked out. Thankfully I don't have strep throat, which was my fear. It's "viral pharyngitis", just a bad sore throat.

Today I bought a humidifier since having the heat on in this house is killing my throat. (Yes, it's even cold here in Florida right now!) I also bought throat spray and halls throat drops. I just want this to go away now. We did some Christmas shopping earlier today and I still have more to do!!


jordiegirl said...

Happy to hear you are back from your road trip and Kavi did so well on the journeys.

Beka said...

Oh my, hope you feel better soon!
Drink tea, that's what I tell everyone.

And maybe add some honey.


Chana said...

Hi Friend!! I haven't been here in so long and I feel badly:( Darn busy life! Anyway....I LOVE your new look (new to me:) and I hope you feel better!! xoxoxo

thestoryofkat said...

so glad you made it back safe, must be nice to be home. i do hope you feel better soon though!