Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Shopping and Lists

How is Christmas shopping going for others? I have only gotten a little done.

For those who wish to comment, what kind of Christmas shopper are you? Do you like buying everything and having it wrapped before December starts? Or do you do it last minute?

I'd say I am in the middle somewhere. I sometimes buy some gifts in mid-late November. I'd say the majority of my shopping is done in mid December. I actually like being out in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping! No, not on Black Friday, but during December. I haven't bought one single thing for our son yet, eeks! But we are not going to go overboard. He is not yet 3, he doesn't need a million gifts. He gets so many from relatives too that we just give him a couple of things from "mommy and daddy". I have some things in mind, like an awesome road play rug from IKEA for $14.99.

This may be read with mixed emotions, and I hope it doesn't make anyone think we are too odd, but we aren't going to teach Kavi that Santa brings him presents. I didn't believe he was real when I was a kid, and still had a blast at Christmas. My husband grew up in India and of course they don't think Santa brings them presents, although India does recognize Christmas holidays and gives time off for school and offices! That is leftover from British rule and the fact that many schools in India are actually Catholic run, even when filled with Hindu students. They grow up learning about Christmas even if they don't believe everything about it.

I like the story of Santa, the original story, and think it's fun to watch movies that include Santa - especially movies like Elf, The Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and various others including Santa as a character. I love fairy tales. I spent a lot of my early childhood pretending to be in Narnia with my sister and cousins. It was so fun! And the attic in my parents' house here in Alabama would have been the perfect fake Narnia place. I said last night that you can definitely get to Narnia through their attic! ;)

Back to Christmas shopping...and lists!
Sometimes I can't figure out what I want. I mean, there are bigger priced things I'd love to have, but we keep to lower spending amounts for holidays. If I made an overpriced list, maybe I'd like an ipad, a cool high tech phone, a serger(sewing related), and a high quality camera.

My less expensive wish list is a new coffee pot, a tea pot, and a self healing fabric crafts cutting board. As of now, I am pretty sure my sis is getting me the coffee pot, my parents the tea pot as part of my gift from them, and my husband the cutting board. So much for surprises eh? lol But I am sure I will be surprised by the little things. The coffee pot we use I got at my wedding shower in 2004! We didn't open it to use it right away, but it's been running for nearly six years. It hasn't broken, but it does not keep the coffee hot in the pot. The heating pad part is just weak. That's why I want a new one. The coffee pot was only about $20 or so back then anyway. It has served me well! I will keep it around so when my family visits I can make a pot of decaf(for mom) and a pot of regular at the same time.

I guess soon I will be doing more and more Christmas shopping! I am still in Alabama until Monday.

Oh, by the way I am having a sale on necklaces in my shop Coffee and Cream. All are reduced by $5 through Saturday! I haven't sold necklaces lately, just earrings. I am, however, glad to be selling anything!


Angela said...

I have mostly done online shopping so far. I did pick up a few canning supplies for my father in law at Wal-Mart - but that is it! I have to get in high gear but I never really get started until after all of the packages from my shop are on the way to where they are going- so I am looking forward to the 16th, when all orders will be in and the shop will go on vacation for the year.

Beka said...

I REALLY need to go to Ikea someday.
I do my Christmas shopping throughout the year, though mostly in the last few months...here and there, thinking of random siblings, etc.

Nen said...

i am a sale shopper all throughout the year... i get my niece and nephews winter clothes on sale in the spring (can't beat $2.97 for a cute hoodie! i just make sure to get the next size up according to their ages for the next christmas)... and save them all until it gets to be mid-fall. then i wrap them up and store them... then closer to christmas, i put bows and ribbons on so that they can go under the tree. i also try to do some homemade gifts... but usually procrastinate until late summer/early fall... sometimes late fall. sometimes a little last minute shopping happens... but that usually happens when buying for my parents/in-laws. they're so hard to buy for! i can't bring myself to go out on Black Friday... too hectic!!!

Jillya said...

I still LOVE Christmas shopping. I'm not an organized, plan ahead-and-get-it-all-done-in-one-day shopper. I'll pick up little things as far back as July if something reminds me of a family member. That said, I'm still not done with my Christmas shopping. I'll probably buy the last gift around Christmas Eve. When I was growing up, Christmas was a bigger deal even than birthdays, so my Christmas obsession comes honestly!