Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arranging thoughts

So much to talk about! But my mind is slightly disheveled from all the activity! I want to talk about going to Downtown Disney on Christmas Eve, then Christmas day, and presents. And I'm trying to figure out which pictures to post so that it's not a picture overload.

Today is the first time in over a month that it's just me and Kavi at home all day. It was such a fun month or so! I think everyone will be glad to get back into a normal routine, but we'll miss the every day interactions.

I got a new coffee maker for Christmas. :D From my sister and my good friend, they chipped in for it (but also but me a couple other little cute things too). Isn't it pretty?? I had been using the same coffee maker that I got at my wedding shower over 6 years ago! So I wanted a new one.

We tried to limit spending this year on each other so we had a set amount of $ for present buying within my family. Except me and my husband spent more than the limit on each other and we spent more on Kavi. But it was more like for my sister, close friends, and parents.

I wanted a big self healing cutting mat for a long time but never bought one for myself. I have a rotary cutter(rolling blade) but never had the mat so it was almost pointless. So I got a nice big mat(we got it for 50% off woo) for Christmas from my husband, along with needed pinking shears, and a Starbucks gift card(yay!).

From various people I also got earrings, comfy slipper shoes, candles, Christmas decor, mugs, lotion, slipper socks, Godiva chocolate cookies(YUM), matryoshka salt&pepper shakers, and my mom hand painted us matryoshka sets!! They are so cute.

Well this post is lacking pictures but I have to arrange them all first!


lucythevaliant said...

Awesome coffee maker!

Angela said...

sounds like you hit the mother load!! I want to set a spending limit next year! That is such a good idea!! Honestly, I really just want to buy for our nieces and nephews and just let the adults visit but I am not so sure anyone would go for that...

Beka said...

Oooh, lovely!!
Sweet coffee maker, dear:) I was pretty excited when we got a new one. Nice and black...and silver. Red is awesome, too!