Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tea time

Most evenings since it's gotten chilly out we like to have decaf hot tea at night. My mom bought us a pretty red tea kettle and it's being used a couple times a day, depending on who wants a hot drink.

I love Twining's tea. First I thought my favorite was English Breakfast tea, but now it's Irish Breakfast tea because it's stronger. And for a normal/large sized mug, I always need two tea bags. Otherwise it tastes too weak to me!

Only 3 days until Christmas!! My husband put up Christmas lights before we came back to Florida. Here they are at sunset time. Christmas lights don't come out very well in pictures!


Angela said...

Love a hot cup of tea!! What an adorable house you have!! I can imagine how pretty the lights must look in real life.

Beka said...

Mmm, tea.
I really love the peach/ginger stuff by Republic of Tea.
:) Cute house lights!!

jordiegirl said...

I don't like my tea too strong so only use one tea bag. Over here we always use a kettle for making tea, love the way you called it a tea kettle. Usually tea would also be made in the teapot, but must admit to just dunking a teabag in a mug these days!!!! Couldn't do that when it was tea leaves. We just use good old PG Tips teabags. However I do sometimes have herbal teas when I feel the need.

lucythevaliant said...

Irish Breakfast is the best! I drown mine with milk, though, because I'm weird.