Monday, December 6, 2010


The craft bazaar was a success!

On day 1, it felt slightly slower than expected in our building. There was a good flow of people, but they bought the smaller items from my mom. And I sold two pillows on day 1! My mom had me put some of my items in an open suitcase on the side.

We used garden gates to hang the scarves and cowls from. It was a cute setup, but we wondered at the end of day 1 if shoppers might have been too hesitant to pick up and feel items since they were clipped on with a clothespin. We did however constantly tell browsers they were free to pick up and try on anything.

My mom/sis changed the set up for day 2, but on day 1 this is how it looked:

(My mom's stuff!)
(My stuff in suitcase!)
I didn't take a good picture of the building we were in from the outside, so here is one I found online:
The building we were in, with about 12 other vendors:
Nearby, very sweet and talented seller:
Our favorite, Jessika! She was table neighbors with us. My mom and the rest of the family met her last year at this same bazaar because they were selling next to each other. They hit it off so well that they wanted to sell next to each again this year. She makes various items including scarves/cowls made from t-shirts. I am happy to have one in black that I got as a gift last Christmas. Check her out here on Facebook. Her tshirt scarves close up look like this:

Other really nice people:
The event was spread into a few locations nearby in town, so you had to drive or take a shuttle to the other areas. One area looked really cute to me. In Forest Park:
Below is a year-round handmade shop. Prices are a little higher and there is a lot of original art, but it was still interesting to look around.
Across from there was a thrift store, and a nice cafe(not pictured).
Day 1 seemed to go by fast.

On Day 2 our table neighbor Jessika offered to let my mom use her table since she didn't need it. So my mom and sister Jenny rushed to rearrange all the items to be more accessible before the shoppers came.

And it seemed to help! I should have take an "after" photo to show how empty her table was. She sold almost all of the scarves and cowls. Plus some hats, and many hair clips and headbands.
We also checked out BottleTree finally, the original sponsor of this Craft Bazaar. There were about 10 vendors inside. BottleTree is a cafe/bar/venue for bands. It's small but very funky. Art is everywhere. We bought some cute items in there! Here are pics from the patio of the cafe:


Beka said...

Ah, that is SO snazzy!
I totally wish I could've come. I love those sorts of things:)

Angela said...

I am so excited that it went well for the 2 of you!! I have been wondering and thinking about y'all- but just got the chance to come look. I really like the garden gate idea and the suitcase-- looks great!!

Fallon said...

Looks like fun! The whole area is so charming =)