Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Thursday: Typewriters

vintage typewriter keys

Vintage Adler J4 German Portable Typewriter

At the craft bazaar last weekend, in the Bottletree cafe location where about 10 vendors were selling, there was someone selling typed out poems for $1. I went there with my friend Rachel and she decided to check it out. Me and Rachel had gone to Bottletree to order lunch for us, my mom, sister, and a friend, so we were waiting for all the food to be ready while we shopped.

The girl(well, more like a grown up woman) selling the poems was sitting behind an old typewriter. She said you tell her a subject and right then and there she would type out a poem for you! Rachel told her to make it about crafty stuff, and about five or ten minutes later she had a half page poem written which was really quirky and cute. You didn't just get a couple quick lines in a poem, you got many thought out, creative lines.

I regret not getting one myself but our food was ready when Rachel's poem was done, and we had been waiting awhile and were starving. So we had to leave and bring the food back to where my mom was selling.

Later on, I took over my mom's table area so she and my sister could go to the cafe and see what was for sale there. They both got poems typed out. My mom's subject was Russia and the cousin she met online. Jenny(my sis) picked New York City as her subject. Their poems were equally cute and creative! My mom gave the gal $5 instead of just the $1 she asked for.

Of course, this also made us want an old typewriter!


Erika Lee Sears said...

I love typewriters! I collect them. I think its the sound and the old in perfect way they type- is what is so magical about them.

Beka said...

Ah, that's so cute about the poem girl!
Typewriters....they're awesome.
Mom has this really heavy one from when she was in high school or something. :)

thestoryofkat said...

i am so slow catching up on blogs this week, eeks!

i have always wanted to own a vintage typewriter...sigh, someday i hope. that is such a neat idea about the woman typing up poems on the spot!

Oh, My Darling said...

Vintage typewriters are so very fantastic!