Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some treasuries I'm in

I thought I would share a few treasuries I am in from Treasury East. I was in one for a couple weeks now. But then recently I was put into two others!

The first one was called IDEA (think IKEA). Clever treasury. My pillow cover in white, pink, and orange is in it.
One of the newer treasuries is called Blush and Rust, and it's really gorgeous! It was made by one of my online friends. My necklace is in it.

The last one was made today, and I got a message from the curator about being in it. It's called I love Linen. It's very pretty! My wall hoop is in the top left corner.

You can click the pictures above to visit their pages in the treasury.


Laura H said...

aaah! thank goodness for Treasury East! congrats on being featured in so many lately!

considerthelillies said...

woo hoo! you sure are popular Stina!

Hundy and Undy said...

The IDEA treasury is really clever. I love it.

Angela said...

Those are all great treasuries!! The top one is a very clever idea for a treasury. The 2nd one looks like it belongs right on the front page!!

Fallon said...

Lovely treasuries! It's great to have your handmade goodies appreciated. (its nice to be along side you in the top list!)