Saturday, June 26, 2010

Self-packing suitcase

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I wish I had a self-packing suitcase like in this photo!!

I am almost done packing for me and Kavi to leave tomorrow with my parents. It's a 9-10 hour drive. But Kavi does well on it usually. He is already well traveled for a 2 year old, he is lucky! He has been on this 9-10 hour road trip many times since he was born along with two trips to India(way too long flights!!). His first road trip to Alabama was when he was 2 months old. Oh wait, technically he went to Alabama while in my belly when I was 18 weeks pregnant! :P Before we even knew he was a he!

We will be gone about a week and a half. My husband will drive up on Friday to be there for the weekend and then we will drive home together after the holiday.

My family has lived in Alabama a little over 2 years so far. They moved there from here! They still find new things they hadn't seen before in their area. And now there is a new sno-cone place that they have been raving about that I will be trying while there! We have a lot of plans of where to go while I am there, plans that mostly revolve around food or coffee hehehe. We never accomplish every single thing we hope to, even when we are there longer! I'll still be posting some entries here.

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Melissa said...

Have a great trip!