Friday, June 25, 2010

Ikea time

It was time again for another Ikea visit! I have been hanging out with my parents, and didn't prepare a Flashback Friday.

We went to Tampa today. We went to Ikea and fabric I really wanted wasn't in stock. I got two other fabrics(just one yard of each) but I really wanted the other ones! It was still fun, but it's always tiring to go to Ikea even if I am just getting a couple things. It's just such a huge store to walk through.

After that we stopped at an Indian grocery store and I bought lots and lots of Indian goodies. We ate a bunch of it for dinner.

Tomorrow I have to pack for me and Kavi's trip to Alabama with my parents!


Chana said...

I love Ikea! But it is exhausting! The place drains the life out of me but I'm so addicted. At least they have a place to stop and eat some food and get a coke! Haha! Have so much fun on your trip back home:)

Christina said...

Thanks! :) They moved there a little over 2 years ago so actually I am the one that is kind of "home" and they are in the newer place! hehehe

beka said...

I have yet to go to Ikea. I'm 19. I love interior design, etc....and I haven't gotten to go yet! (But I suppose it's better I don't torture myself and spend all my money when I don't have a place to decorate yet...right?:)
have to remedy that. Soon. :D