Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback Friday: Baby me

I don't think I have yet shared a baby picture of myself yet for a Flashback. I had to take a picture of a picture again, still no scanner. :P This would be probably when I was a couple months old or something? I forgot to ask my mom. Isn't it so 80's looking? I was born in October 1980, so it would be not long after that.

My mom said they had a photographer come to the house, something more common then, or at least where they lived. I should have asked her more before writing about it like I actually know haha. Maybe she can answer in a comment. Right, mom?

As you can see, even as babies me and my sister did not have blond hair. We have been brown eyed and brown haired since birth. I am pretty sure our hair got darker as we got older though. Right now my hair is it's natural color. I haven't dyed it in over a year. And that was when I dyed it black before going to India Spring 2009. I already find grey hair these days. Actually I have found stray greys for years now. It's not obvious, but I find more than I'd like to!! And what do I do? Take them out, of course. heehee.

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Oh oh oh! I also wanted to write on another topic. I plan to have some giveaways here soon! I haven't done one in a long time, and I have some things in mind. I am pretty sure I am going to do a jewelry giveaway very soon. And then after that, a sewn item giveaway(I haven't done one of those yet!).


AlyGatr said...

I was blond hair and blue eyed with dead straight hair as a baby...and now I have curly brown hair (with some nice grays) and hazel eyes. Go figure. My son has been brown hair, brown eyes since birth.

Fallon said...

Looks like you're posing! I too was born with brown eyes and hair and have kept them! I was born in 83 and I too already have 3 (yes I can count them) gray hairs I pull. One of the down sides of dark hair I suppose. You just wouldn't notice in a blonde. Oh well =P

SewSweetStitches said...

Aww you were a very pretty baby!

beka said...

You're 11 yrs older than me:)
*sigh* I was a strawberry-blond-haired 9lb baby. Ha!
That's such a cute pic of you! ;)

considerthelillies said...

hahaha, yes a photographer came to our house and just proppedyou up in these kind of poses then took the shot quickly before you slid out of them! He was quite a character and you were quite the cutie! Mom :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Heee, look at your tiny little cute head propped up on your fist, all sophisticated portrait style. Omg so cute, haha.

And I would have never guessed that you took a picture of a picture. It looks like it was scanned :)

Angela said...

I can tell that is you! Such a cute baby photo!

*I was a way ugly baby!

geschichtenvonkat said...

aw, so adorable!

and i can't wait for some giveaways, wahoo! :)

Nen said...

not sure how i missed your flashback!!

i love baby pics! was that your baby blanket?? i wonder if they posed you and then had to hurry and snap the pic before you moved!

Nen said...

(i just read what your mom wrote... hehe)