Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giveaway time!

So I don't think I have done a giveaway since last Fall! That is much too long. I am giving away the above necklace. A gunmetal and antique silver toned necklace with a small heart locket and glass bead. The locket does open! I have this item for sale in my shop. But this one, you get to pick which pale glass bead you want hanging with the heart(or if you don't want the bead, fine too!).
Pick from clear(as shown on necklace), green, purple, blue or a pewter like bead. They are fired glass beads. Very dainty and small.

How to Enter:
There are up to 3 ways you can enter. Leave a separate comment for each, for up to 3 chances.

#1. Leave a comment telling me about your favorite piece of jewelry whether it's something passed down from a relative or something you got for really cheap at a store but love!

#2. Visit CoffeeandCream and tell me what your favorite item is.

#3. Blog or tweet about the giveaway and leave the comment just letting me know you blogged or tweeted about it.

I hope that sounds easy enough, I try not to make giveaways too complicated!

Recap: Leave up to 3 separate comments for 3 chances to win, with the above options.

I will use the random number generator to pick a winner and announce who won on Monday, June 21st.

Open for entries until Midnight Sunday June 20th.

P.S. If you live outside the USA, you can still enter!

Have fun!


Gillian said...

ohhh such a sweet little locket! My favourite jewellery - 3 marquisite brooches my Grannie left me - a leaf, a little lizzard and a pheasant - love them to bits! G

beka said...

Hmm. Favorite piece of jewelry is my sterling silver ring--the one on my ring finger; the only one it fits on. Size 7. hehe.
It says Jesus Saves, and we got it from CBD.com for around $10, I think? I've had it for a few years. I love it:)

beka said...

Ohh, I really like the Message Keeper.

And the Soar earrings!

So cool! I love 'em. :)

miss jille said...

My favorite piece of jewelry would have to be my antique engagement ring :)

miss jille said...

...and my fave piece from your Etsy shop is the beehive necklace!

beka said...


I know your giveaway isn't in the title, but it's mentioned and I linked to your blog and Etsy!

Angela said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is my mom's anniversary ring (which is currently in a ziploc bag with the diamond that fell out of it last summer! I really need to get that thing to the jewelry shop!)

My favorite pair of earrings- the "Thoughtful Bouquet" earring I got from your shop!!! I am wearing them now and I wear them all the time!- and get tons of compliments!

My favorite item in your shop- probably the necklace to match my earrings!

Nancy said...

Hmmm I guess my favorite piece of jewelery so far has to be my engagement ring, although I wouldn't care if hubby would like to upgrade anytime soon ;)

Nancy said...

My favorite items in your shop right now are the teal blossoms earrings and the bird coin necklace.

Marlene said...

YOu've got some really pretty jewelry, Christina!

My favorite piece has to be my wedding ring. I know it sounds corny, but I love it. It doubles as an engagement/wedding band. The diamond is sunk in and has a "bridge" setting. The band is super thick. I still love it as much as the day I picked it out with hubby. :)

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

reneek said...

I rememeber when I was about 5 years old my mother gave me a dragonfly pin. I wore that pin everyday to school. It was my favorite piece of jewelry I ever had.




reneek said...

I like the umbrella necklace. I never saw one like that.

VeganCraftastic said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is probably the locket I wore at my wedding.

-craftytofu at yahoo

VeganCraftastic said...

My favorite item is the Anchored necklace, very cute!

-crafytofu at yahoo

MichelleG said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is the pearl necklace I was given that my husband's grandmother wore on her wedding day.

MichelleG said...

My favorite piece is actually this locket that you are giving away!! ;)

Nen said...

It's going to sound silly but my fav piece of jewelry is a ring I picked up at a flea market for $4. It has a VW symbol on it. The reason it's my fav is because my 4 yr old nephew absolutely LOVES vw's and he's always talking to me about my ring and my cars. I just love that he loves it and it makes me feel like we share something special with our love for veedubs!

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring passed down from my grammie's mother. It's a diamond ring...worth far more than any other jewelry I have or will ever own! :)

thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

My favorite item at your etsy shop is Soar...earrings! :)

thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Tweeted! :)


thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

NR said...

My favorite jewelry is a set I gave away to one of my daughters. It's a necklace with a single pearl attached to a very fine chain, the pearl being hung set in a pretty filigree design. The set includes matching pearl drop earrings with the same filigree setting.

The reason these are so special to me is that they had been a gift that my father had given my mother years ago. My mother died when I was in kindergarten. When I turned 18, my dad gave me the set. I wore them for my wedding and have cherished them because I don't know of any other things that have been saved that my dad had given my mother. You see, my grandmother (her mother) came in and pretty much "cleaned house" during the grieving period. It sounded as though my dad didn't have the energy to deal with her about it. My mother had died suddenly, unexpectedly, from a brain aneurism.

My grandmother gave away many of my mother's personal things--to my mother's friends, to her own friends--and took things for herself. When she passed, we realized that over the years she had given away the items she had taken all those years before, to various friends she met along the way.

My dad has passed on now as well. I am not a big jewelry wearer, really. So, instead of having what jewelry I had just sitting unused, I passed things on to my daughters. Why wait until I'm dead when they can wear and cherish them now?

My one daughter mentioned the diamond ring I passed on to her on this blog. The other daughter has the pearl set and I know they are very special to her as well!

Sorry I got so wordy. Got a bit emotional as I typed this too! :0)

NR said...

Okay... I also checked out your etsy shop... After purchasing THREE sets of earrings from your shop, I can say that my other favorite item is the necklace that has a bird nest nestled in a very antiquey-looking pendant. I love birds and bird nests... It's a GREAT necklace!

NR said...

Sorry, folks, if I snapped up something from her etsy shop YOU had wanted... LOL!!!

geschichtenvonkat said...

what a great giveaway!

my favorite piece of jewelry is something i recently inherited from my mother-in-law to be. it's a charm given to her by my father-in-law the day my fiance was born. his birth was a difficult one and he almost didn't make it so he is certainly a little miracle :) the charm is a little hand of god with his name and birth date inscribed

geschichtenvonkat said...

it's very hard for me to settle on just one favorite from your shop! the bird's nest pendant with the little pearl is so pretty and i love all the colorful flower accents on all the pieces.