Monday, June 21, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

I used to choose a number...and the winning comment was #12:


I will be in touch to find out what color bead you would like with your locket.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments! I think my most treasured piece of jewelry would be my engagement ring. It was made in India with dark Indian gold, but with a stone from a ring my grandmother had sent to my mom, which she gave me to. When I went to India in 2003 I brought the old ring with me, it was a very very simple ring. We had the stone put into a new kind of Indian looking setting. My other favorite would be a filigree, antique style white gold plated ring my husband bought me for our 1st Anniversary in 2005.

I am also offering a 15% off promo to those who entered and/or read the blog. If you would like to use the discount, contact me before you buy something to get the price adjusted -or- type "blog promo" in message to seller and I will send a 15% refund of the item's price through paypal. Thank you to all who entered!

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