Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello Tuesday

So I exercised 5 times last week again! Knowing that I am going to talk about it here keeps me motivated to do it 5 times. ;) I think it's making some difference. But, going on the scale the past few days hasn't been a good idea! You know that time of the month...I always gain water weight. I was trying to find out the average amount gained by searching online. I didn't find a real scientific page but read many opinions and stats from women and it looks like it's common for a 2-5lb water weight gain. I think mine is usually 4-5 lbs, and it alters the scale thing so much! I have to remember not to worry about it at that time. And today, I am already a couple pounds down from yesterday. It's all that water weight leaving now. I don't know how much I really weigh yet. I need to wait a couple more days.

I don't do intense exercise. I do about 20 minutes on the exercise bike. But even that helps. I have been trying to push myself to do it longer on some days. I just need a softer cushion on that bike!! We are thinking of buying a new exercise bike. Mine is so old and broken-ish. I mentioned it before here, that I got it from someone through craigslist for like $10!

I'd also like to bring up some bargain purchases lately. I don't visit the store Ross very often. During the week, me and Kavi visit other stores like Target where I can do a couple different things in one store. Coffee, clothes, housewares, plus some groceries if needed. The idea of bringing my son alone with me to Ross where I might try on a bunch of clothes is a tiring idea.

Last Saturday we went out for lunch and then went to Ross which was nearby. My husband was there to entertain our son while I tried on lots of clothes. ;) I ended up getting a pretty purple dress for 14.99 and a pretty red ruffly shirt from the clearance section for 5.49!! I never buy dresses, but I thought it was so pretty and in a hard to find bigger size. I couldn't resist! It's the kind of dress I see in stores, try on, and it usually doesn't fit. But this one was my size AND cute!

Speaking of good deals, one of my fashion submissons was used at Lillyella today. A full outfit for under $100, which includes a handmade dress and clutch:
You can click above to visit the blog.
Finding a handmade item of clothing on Etsy for part of an outfit that is under $100 is not always easy! I really do like the handmade clothing idea. I wish I could really buy just that. But it's not in my budget to have a handmade only wardrobe. So when you see something that could be in your budget, it's great!


Jennifer said...

Nice job on the exercise! I know what you mean about water weight, it makes it hard to know what's accurate.

Congrats on having your collection featured. I like what you put together!

Chana said...

SO proud of you for your commitment to your fitness! I'm feeling very inspired by this and just may buy a bike this weekend! You are awesome!

considerthelillies said...

go Christina! we are exercising together but separately!

SewSweetStitches said...

oooh that little clutch you picked out is super cute!

Angela said...

Great bargain shopping!! Some of my favorite clothes are straight off the clearance rack!