Monday, June 7, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Blouses with jeans or a skirt

Just a lot of inspiration today. I know not everyone in the world has the same tastes, but these are the kind of things that inspire me fashion-wise. Pretty shirts can go with both skirts or jeans. Depending on what you need to wear them to, you pair a shirt with a simple yet nice skirt for a work environment or with jeans for a casual every day look.

Here are two polyvore sets. The first made by someone else who put together a nice ensemble. In the second one, I just put several items together, not in a real set but just to show shirts that can go with a skirt like the one shown:

Pretty shirts from Etsy. $44 and under:

Pair them with jeans or the skirt(also in the polyvore set):

Jeans are from sale!), Skirt is from


Hundy and Undy said...

Uhm, I love this post. A blog after my own heart. <3 hehe

And I agree with this post 100%. I love that there are a lot of options with blouses and tops that can be dressed up or down really easily.

considerthelillies said...

i love the blouses, how they each have a unique touch to them! Good taste Stina!

geschichtenvonkat said...

cute blouses with little embellishments are my major weakness...your polyvor sets are always so cute!

Angela said...

Love the green blouse!