Saturday, June 19, 2010

Etsy Craft Party Review & Pictures

I headed to Tampa last night(an hour south of me) with my friend Sarah to Tampa's Etsy Craft Party! Although my husband would have gone with me if I had no one else to go with, it was nice to go with a fellow mom and friend while we left our kiddies at home with dad. I haven't gone out on a Friday in a long time, and I got a mommy break!

Because there was so much interest in the Tampa party, it became an Indie Bazaar as well and a lot was planned. There were about twenty vendors selling their handmade items in the outside area. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the outside but the sun had set and it was kind of dark for pictures out there. Maybe someone else who attended took pictures of the outside before it was dark. I should check out the Etsy Craft Party pool on flickr. (looked, so far no Tampa pictures, but check out the flickr group to see picture of various craft party events!) I will upload some of my pictures there too.

Ok, so I don't want to sound too negative about my experience because the event was big, a great turn out, the people who put it together did so much hard work, and it was in an interesting space. The thing that me and my friend weren't too happy about was most of the things were outside. And even in the inside building, it had its garage doors open so there was no a/c anywhere. And this is Tampa, Florida, where even at night at this time of year is humid and gross.

It felt more like an indie craft show than a crafting party. There were several tables set up where you could make something. I would have wanted to make something if there was a/c. We walked around and stayed for about an hour. We felt really sticky and sweaty by then.

The event was scheduled to be from 8 pm until 1 am. We arrived around 8:30pm and there was already a big crowd. It was great to see so many people come out to an event like this. There was a table for people to leave their business cards or other promotional items, so I brought some for my Etsy shops! I also attached a little 10% off coupon to them. :D I think that helped people notice my cards. I put them on the table when we arrived and before leaving I wanted to check it out, to see if anyone took my business cards or postcards. And they did!! Only one of my postcards was left, and several business cards were missing.

I wish I would have researched the party earlier so that I could have been one of the vendors. I think my items would have gone over well. Of the vendors there, only a couple were what I would consider my style. So I didn't end up buying anything, even though I had planned to buy something! That was kind of sad. But it was definitely a fun Friday night, having a mommy break, being in a very different atmosphere than I usually get to be in, and celebrating the crafting world.

UPDATE: There are now more pictures from the event from other people. See them here:
The back of me is in two pictures there! haha (in the photos ending in 79 and 80, me in dark pink shirt.)


Nen said...

I definitely would have wanted A/C too!!! But it still sounds cool! Glad Sarah went with you and you were able to pass off some of your cards!! That's always a plus!!

Thanks for sharing about it!

Nancy (Jesse and Sophia's grandma) said...

No AC would have ruined it for me too. At least you had a mommy break.