Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I love September!

I have reunited with one of my favorite things! The pumpkin spice latte. It's back in the Starbucks stores! I bought my first one of the season yesterday. It was as good as I remembered.

Yes, I really like them a lot! I will try not to go on too much about it, but I am just happy it's available again. And in case I sound crazy about them(I am!), I should say that I usually only get a specialty coffee once a week, twice a week if I'm lucky! So I don't go get one every day, even though that sounds like it'd be awesome. ;)

It's September!
This is a good month for me and for my family. It's the month of our wedding anniversary, it always has a day off work for hubby for Labor Day, it's the month of both of my parents' birthdays, FALL starts, and this year it's the month of our cruise. And we decided the other day that we are going to drive up to Alabama to visit my family this Labor Day weekend!

Etsy talk-I added two new sets of pillow covers to my shop last night. I love both of the fabrics so much!! I am tempted to keep them, but I won't. I should buy more of these fabrics though!

Happy September!


considerthelillies said...

I love September too!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 days!!!!! 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!

beka said... just reminded me. September. The 1st. I want to do a blogpost!!!
*hoping for time tonight on the "community" computer*
That latte sounds divine:)

Angela said...

Oh my gosh!! Are you trying to kill me with the blue and orange??? LOVE THEM!!

Nancy (Jesse and Sophia's grandma) said...

Yep, September is a good month! Enjoy your trip to Bama. Tell everyone I said "HI".

Nen said...

sept and oct are my favs!! looking fwd to a nice hot chai tea latte one of these days (can i get that decaf? not sure).

LOVE the fabrics!!!