Saturday, September 25, 2010

Watery Vacation Countdown

Next week at this time, I should hopefully be in Mexico and snorkeling at the location below! (after arriving there by cruise, sailing from Tampa!)

Father and son snorkel Chankanaab Cozumel

Chankanaab Park, Cozumel.

When we planned our cruise, I started looking for more affordable options of what to do when we arrived in Mexico. We didn't want to spend something like $50 or more each to do an excursion. I found lots of good reviews for this park and was happy to hear that my blog friend Angela had gone to the same location in Cozumel on a cruise she went on, and liked it! Compared to many other options, it seems the more affordable for what comes with it. With a coupon I printed out, it will be $17 each for me and my husband, and then I just realized children under 3 are free! Score!!! To snorkel it's free, but if you don't have snorkel equipment it can be rented there for I think $15. If I prepay for snorkel equipment online it would only be $13. I am hesitating pre-paying anything yet.

We will only be there during the day next Saturday...
as long as Tropical Storm Matthew doesn't interfere!!!!!!

I am a little worried about that. Right now tropical storm M is not hitting Mexico but south of there. It would appear that we wouldn't get any storm issues in the path of our cruise or Cozumel- except, I watched the Weather Channel and they are saying the storm could possibly turn and then it really would affect our cruise. It could mean we don't get to sail to Mexico. I have read that they sometimes can divert ships to a different port in tha Caribbean but if there isn't any space for ours, we could just end up sailing around the Gulf in safe areas. I just don't want this to be an issue, please please please!!
I put a red line from Tampa to Cozumel(our cruise route).



Anonymous said...

stay away matthew pleaaaase!!! -jenny (christina's sister)

Angela said...

Ah, that stinks! Do you remember how many hurdles I jumped before my vacation? ...and it all worked out! I feel certain everything will work out for you as well!

Chankanaab is so beautiful and I can't wait to hear what you think! The only thing really different is that Florida beaches are so white and soft - Mexico beaches are a little more brown and rocky - you have to climb down into the water (they actually have steps with rails) I could not get the hang of snorkeling. I kept getting water in my mask and choking. We did go Scuba Diving there and it was exceptional! My one tip for the cruise - do it all! We didn't at first but really had a great time when we went to some of the shows. I know you are going to love it and I am praying that Matthew will stay away!

Nen said...

good luck! i hope matthew stays away!!!!