Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Inspiration

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No theme really, just things I like!

But I am determined to do two fashion related things this fall/winter:

1. Actually buy a form of skinny jeans. Not the extra extra tight ones though! I tried some on recently at Target and while I didn't think they looked that great yet, I think if I keep working on losing weight, they might look better in a month or two! They didn't look as horrible as I thought they would! I wasn't horrified.

2. Wear tights with a dress at least once. I rarely wear dresses to begin with. But I have a pretty purple one I bought and still haven't worn out. I am bringing it on the cruise but I have to wear it other times too. (It's not very fancy. Not a formal gown or anything like that!)


Anonymous said...

Love those outfits! My goal is to also be brave enough to wear a dress with tights -jenny f(your sister :))

considerthelillies said...

boots with the dress and tights! BOOOOOOTS!

geschichtenvonkat said...

hooray for not being horrified by skinny jeans! lol...i've lost some weight myself and got to wear pants that haven't fit me since the end of college...such a good feeling!! congrats!

o have you seen all the pretty colored tights at anthropologie?

Nen said...

i want to wear skinny jeans and tights with dresses too! amazingly enough, i think skinny jeans really help to make you look thinner, if you have the right shirt and shoes to balance it out. however, i am not very fashion-oriented... so i don't know that i could accomplish that. i got this cute maternity dress that should fit me most of the way thru my pregnancy... and i asked the girl at the store if it was something i could wear in the winter with tights or leggings... and she said it was maybe a little too long for that (prob cuz i'm so short!). CRAP. so i'm not sure what i'll do when the weather gets colder.
you'll have to post pics of your skinny jeans and dress/tights once you bust them out!