Monday, September 6, 2010

Lake Guntersville State Park

We went to Lake Guntersville yesterday and ate at the state park lodge. It felt so cozy and lodge-y. The view of the lake and foothills from the lodge is really beautiful. I would love to go back when it's cold and the fireplaces are on while holding a cup of hot cocoa. That would be the ultimate cozy! Makes my heart skip a beat just thinking about that.
Me looking through a scope

Back of lodge view

The lodge
A wonderful aspect of the lodge is that it's part of the state park, not part of exclusive club. You can just go in and walk around. They have a large restaurant area inside as well. And lots of sitting areas to just relax in with cozy leather sofas and chairs. They were setting up a wedding to be held on one of the large back balconies that overlooks the lake. How breathtaking it would be to get married there!


Nen said...

looks like a nice place to visit... you're making me want some hot chocolate... however, it was 48 degrees in my house this morning, so that might contribute to my craving! lol

hope you're having a great time!

geschichtenvonkat said...

looks gorgeous!

reminds me of when we stayed in a little log cabin a couple times on our travels and it was so much chocolate, fireplace and all! dangit, i want cold weather to get here!!