Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I am getting things ready for our trip to Alabama. No matter how many times we drive there, the drive never feels any better! There are those always boring gaps of travel. There are the usual road marks and exits that we have come to know well up I-75. To me, the drive through north Florida is so boring. It takes us about 2.5-3 hours to reach the Georgia border and until then, there is nothing exciting to see on the highway.

Once in Georgia it's a relief, but then it's really boring for another couple hours until you reach Macon. Then the trip starts to feel a little more exciting on the Macon bypass because only about an hour after that is the big city, Atlanta! Once in Atlanta it's only 2 hours more til we reach my parent's house.

There is lots to look at in Atlanta just because it's the biggest thing you see on the way! Lots of cars usually(bad traffic if it's rush hour), and lots of planes landing and taking off in the air at the airport. Sometimes you can get a glimpse of the downtown buildings while on the Atlanta bypass. After heading north all that way to ATL, it's time for the eastern stretch of travel to Alabama! The last part gets a little boring again, through a dark stretch of road that is mostly rural. Once we are in my parent's town, it feel exciting to know we are finally almost there. The trip takes us 9.5-10 hours usually. Our best time was maybe 9 hours. :\

So yeah that's how it always seems to go!! Road trip, road trip, road trip! :)

I hope everyone out there has a nice Labor Day weekend!


Fallon said...

Have fun!

Nen said...

hope you have a safe and FUN trip!!

Angela said...

Have a great time! You are right, I have always said that Florida is a boring drive. For me it goes down after Mobile and doesn't pick back up until we see some water!