Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vintage Thursday: Fall dresses

Even though it's not Fall yet, I couldn't resist finding Fall colored vintage dresses to feature today. Plus, if anyone wants to order a Fall dress online, you should do it soon so you have it in time!
bottom row: 60's Striped Dress; 60's Tent dress; 70's printed dress

Sadly the halter dress just expired today but maybe it will be relisted! That's why I had to link to the shop instead of the dress. It was$185 I think, pricey, because it's vintage silk...and beautiful.


beka said...

Those are so cool. :)

considerthelillies said...

we must make it a life goal to buy a vintage dress!! I want to be able to wear one really bad!

Anonymous said...

I'll take the top right hand corner one plz! Rachel R