Monday, August 30, 2010

Decor Inspiration + Cruise countdown

I have talked about it before but it's time again! Have you ever walked through an Anthropologie store? To me, the most fun part about it are the displays. Our Tampa Anthropologie store is my favorite and my mother's. We love the set up of that one. The bedding, oh the bedding! And just how they set up the store overall. I have never bought clothes there because it's either too pricey or it doesn't fit. I know they have clearance too, which is where I always head to! I have gotten mugs, home decor, housewares, etc there for low prices. Maybe one day I will snag a piece of clothing on clearance.

The store inspires me!

1. Anthropologie, 2. Anthropologie, 3. Anthropologie,
4. anthropologie craft room window display 2, 5. anthropologie, 6. Anthropologie

Oh and it's one month until we go on our cruise! I am so excited! I found a picture of the ship we will be on "Carnival Inspiration", docked at Cozumel which is where we are going! Woohoo!
From flickr.

Carnival Inspiration


considerthelillies said...

oh man I love Anthropologie in Tampa! The set ups in Bham aren't nearly as creative!

beka said...

Hmmmm......Anthropolgie is pretty sweet.
Lovely post, dear:)

Angela said...

I just read another Anthropologie post on another blog- that place looks amazing. I have never even seen one around here.

The cruise is going to be so much fun- email me if I can answer any questions for you I will :)

Jen said...

I've been on 2 Carnival cruises and I loved them! Have fun!!!

SewSweetStitches said...

I love the one with tons of pillows piled up. I've always wanted that look for my sofa- All different and bright!