Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My first craft fair and DIY cards!

I signed up for my first craft fair yesterday! It's on October 16th. It's not a big one, and it's local in a community center. It was only $10 to get a table so I had to go for the opportunity. I am not sure what age group the crowd will be. It could possibly be a lot of retirees but maybe I am wrong. I will be prepared though! I had signed up for one for last year but then it didn't work out and I am not sure what even happened to the event. So this is really my first one!

Thinking of some ideas for the craft fair made me want to look up some DIY projects for making things like cards. Here are some ideas that I found around the web that I thought I would share and maybe make.

Caramel Apple Cards. Perfect for fall!

Teacup cards. Color combos are endless! A cute idea.

Pop-Up Pirate card. Cool!

Some really cute, free, vintage style clipart is available here:

If you are feeling more adventurous, look at this sweet fabric envelope project!


Marlene said...

These turned out adorable, Christina!

Christina said...

Oopsie, I realize now it looks like I made some of them! I didn't...yet. :P

Angela said...

That is exciting news!! I know your booth will be a hit!!

Two Happy Stampers said...

Have a great time at the craft fairs! I love the caramel apple idea... very cute! =)

Oh, My Darling said...

Ooh, fabric envelopes!?! Seriously great!

geschichtenvonkat said...

o congrats! i am doing a couple small local ones this year too.

i saw those fabric envelopes the other day and fell in love...nice how our tastes are so similar :)