Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashion Inspiration - and storm relief?

So Tropical Storm Matthew is no more, *whewww* that is a relief! I am still not completely at ease about storm situations yet since the news keeps mentioning a possible new formation around that same area again. But I do think everything will be fine! (thanks, Angela, for the tips in your last comment!)

This cruise has me excited. I hope I am not being annoying with cruise talk, but this is the week! It's coming! A few days away! My sister and our good friend are driving down from Alabama to go on the cruise with us. I know that will make it even more fun, for Kavi too! He will have his aunties along.

I have been wanting a black and white striped shirt since I wrote about it here: Fashion Inspiration: Stripey. I found one Saturday!! At Ross, for 8.99! I am ignoring the rules about horizontal stripes because I needed a striped shirt for my cruise! I just did. I wanted to have a stripey sailor shirt. I even have a ship necklace, how cliche huh? I also have a layered necklace that has ribbon in the back and ties on the side(shown to the left with my new shirt)

Here's more inspiration for my cruise...

A simple set I put together:

A set I found on polyvore:


considerthelillies said...

you look cute in that striped shirt girl! Love your fashion pics!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I'm so jealous! It is tons of fun getting ready for a trip! I hope you have a fantastic time cruising!!!