Monday, July 19, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Stripey

Above: from the shop Amoelbarroco on Etsy - Spain

I've heard the fashion do's and don't's and tips many times such as: Wearing horizontal stripes makes you look wider, and vertical stripes make you look longer.

But sometimes I think rules should be broken. Wear something with the "wrong" stripes just because you really like it! I don't have any black and white stripe items I wear lately, but my sister does and I think they look great on! I'd love to have something in black and white stripes.

Mute Navigator Blouse by amoelbarroco

The Blondie Tee from DesireeSalas


Fallon said...

Great finds!

beka said...

Oh dear.
i LOOOOOVE that French striped Pierrot. Ahhhh!

Kathy said...

Great selections. I would take any of them. I love black and white stripes!

rachel said...
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rachel said...

ok, so i think u've just inspired me to wear my black and white striped "dress thingie" w/ leggings if i could only find comfortable shoes to wear w/ it.. tanks! Rachel R

Anonymous said...

yeah, i think i own waaay too many stripes, but as soon as i see them, my body takes over and i grab and buy!! -your sis jenny