Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 2011

I had a wonderful 2011, and I feel so blessed to be able to say that. I look back on this year as a year of firsts and adventures and new beginnings. It will remain one of the most exciting years ever for me.

A little look back, highlights...

January-I started off the year with the 30 Day Shred and accomplished it!! Sadly I am not at the weight I wished I could have been by the end of this year if I had consistently worked hard, but I had my good times and bad times. But back to that 30 Day Shred, I did it and wrote how I felt each day. Results were here.

February-Kavi turned three, and then near the end of the Month we went to India again. I got to go to my sis in-law's wedding! Wrote about it here and here.

March-Partly in India. Came back home, readjusted to life


May-Oh! We got annual passes to the Florida Aquarium. :) Even though we moved, we get 50% discount admission to the Birmingham Zoo until it expires(along with discounts at other partners of the group our annual pass was through)!

June-Well, at the end of the month, we prepared for our trip to Oregon!!

July-Our wonderful Oregon trip! I really think I left part of my heart there. All the espresso your heart desires, natural beauty, Indian food truck, snow in July, and giant rocks on beaches are what did it. You can read here, here, and here. Kavi also went to his first Vacation bible school, like a big boy!

Now here are where things took a surprise turn!

August-Who knew how much would change in August? I had decided, after not visiting Alabama since the previous December, that whether my husband had time off or not, me and Kavi would be driving up to 'bama, just the two of us. I just missed it. Around the same time we were coming to visit, my husband applied at one place here just for the heck of it. A friend let him know about the position, and we do feel God used that friend to help my husband gain the desire to actually apply at jobs here. It was a big leap of faith though. My husband joked that he wished he'd be called for an interview while we were still visiting up in AL, so that he could meet up with us and take off work. Well, he did get called for an interview, a little later than me and K's planned day to drive back home. So me and K stayed longer, and he flew up for his interview. He felt it went well, down in downtown Birmingham, but wasn't fully confident they'd offer him the job. (I just think he's modest. I think they were crazy about him.) Anyway, we drove back home, and a week later they offered the job! After some negotiations, they agreed on a salary/etc. He had gotten a job in Alabama! It took a little while to set the start date, which we didn't mind since we had to pack. And meanwhile, I had a cruise to go on! ;)

September-Cruise! So, so fun. Girls only. My last Florida touristy hurrah before moving. Came back from the cruise and was off to Alabama again, to look at houses. Flew back home, just me and Kavi(big deal for me!) at the end of the month to start packing. And found out my husband started his new job in mid/end October. Woo!

October-Packed like an exhausted maniac, prepared, and then the move! We moved less than a week before my birthday, so I got to celebrate here with family!

November-Enjoyed the beautiful Fall and had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

December-Our first Christmas living in Alabama, and it was wonderful.ABout to have our first New Year's Eve here too! I am so happy we are here. Oh, AND we are in the process of buying a house here. We saw it early December, looked again, put an offer, signed a contract, and may be living in it in a month or so! Wow.

Thanks for looking back with me. 

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!!


Jessa Belle said...

I miss Oregon so much! Glad you had such an amazing year! Happy New Years Eve!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

Nancy said...

I can't believe you moved! Sorry I haven't been up to date. Good luck with everything :)