Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gift highlights

The big gift we got our son this year was a wooden train table set. It is called the Waterfall Mountain train set. After he went to bed very late on Christmas Eve, me and my husband stayed up to put it together. After getting it done and getting ready for bed, it was already 2 a.m.! We were very tired. We covered it with blankets so that he would first open his few smaller presents from us before seeing the train set. I took a video of him seeing it for the first time, which is really cute. But I hesitate to put it on the blog because my husband is in it a little, and he doesn't want a video of himself on here! :p

Kavi loved it and thanked us without being told to!
Deep in playing mode...

He got other awesome gifts from my family and some friends. He is a blessed little boy! We received many gifts as well. I won't list them all out. But among my favorites were my boots from my parents, perfume(well, e.d.t.) from my husband, and cute coffee mugs from friends. I also received yummy smelling candles, earrings, cozy clothes for PJs or layering, a cardigan, and lots of other goodies.

I picked out my gift from my husband, and actually the company sent us the wrong product, but I love it anyway. It's in the line of Stella McCartney perfumes, which are my favorite. The wrong one I received was only slightly different than the one I wanted, so I decided to keep it. The company we bought it through on Amazon said they'd give us a 5% refund for the mix up. Fine with me! I already started spraying it. So here is mine, Stella Sheer:
Smells like fresh roses and other good things, with a heavy focus on rose

I am over sensitive to perfume smells, and I dislike soooo many of them. When I find one I can stand wearing, it's a big deal to me! I have had "Stella", "Rose Absolute" and now "Sheer" by Stella. The one I was supposed to get was called StelleNude, because it was an even softer scent. 

And I must feature my new, cute coffee mugs. From separate friends who know me well!
And one more boots picture, with a little munchkin who wanted to jump in the shot:

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Angela said...

That is an awesome train set!!! He really does look happy! Don't you just love all the little Christmas goodies?? I think I am enjoying my gift to Aubrey more than anything. I told him we could just consider it a "household gift" since I am using it just as much as he is!