Monday, March 14, 2011

Simple things

This morning's coffee

There are the simple things in life you miss while out of the country, and sometimes even while away from home in your own country! Home brewed coffee is one of them, for me.

In India, tea is much more popular. And they don't generally make it with a teapot of boiling water and tea bags. It's made with loose tea, boiled in a sauce pot, using half milk and half water, and then sugar is added. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious! Very creamy and I love it. Below is me drinking the Indian tea. They use tiny cups compared to our usual coffee mugs!

But for over 2 weeks I didn't get to have my morning coffee! My first pot brewed back home on Friday morning felt so nice.

I had coffee a few times while away, mostly iced coffees during the afternoon. My husband would buy a couple of these bottled coffees for me every few days to store in the (small) fridge at my in-laws. It tastes similar to a bottled frappuccino.The two other times I had coffee while out, it was at Indian coffee shops. Once at the coffee shop called "Barista" and once at "Cafe Coffee Day". Below is a finished latte(husband's choice, which he doesn't usually choose!) and an indulgent iced mocha coffee drink(mine heehee).
These coffee chains are relatively new in India. There are always a lot of young people sitting in them, mostly college aged. It's a new hang out place. They are nice little shops! I have been to three different coffee chains in India so far. The two mentioned above plus the year before we went to Costa Coffee. (These are not my pics below, I found them)
1. Not available, 2. Barista in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India, 3. cafe coffee day, 4. Barista Coffee

You might have noticed the mehndi still on my hands in the first photo. It's still there! But fading to light orange. Here is a picture of my left hand yesterday.


Angela said...

I know this is not really the same BUT I really missed sweet tea when we were "up North" on vacation last year! I could not wait to get back in the South and have a cold glass of sweet tea. I think I drank about a gallon the first day. The mehndi is still really pretty. Did it tickle when they put it on? It seems like it would tickle like crazy!

Beka said...

two weeks? goodness. hey, those shops in india seem like a pretty cool place to hang out.
mmm, indulgent mocha. :)
your mehndi is still looking really good!