Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I don't know if I actually wrote about this here...that this Saturday, I am going on another cruise! We went last September (2010), and I am going on September 10th with just ladies! My husband said I deserve a mommy break, so it was okay for me to go along with the women folk!

We booked it in June actually. My sister really wanted to go again(well, we all did!). But with going to Portland, I knew all of us couldn't go do something like that again so soon. But it was my husband who said I should just go with them. I feel a little weird because I have never been away from Kavi overnight yet. And this will be five nights! But at least I know he will be with his daddy the whole time. I hope they handle it well without little ol' me!

There's always a little tropical weather stress involved in a cruise this time of year, with all the tropical storm and hurricane activity recently! So far things look okay for the areas we are going to-Georgetown in the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico again. There may be rain while we are at port, which would stink. But maybe not! I will definitely be keeping an eye on the weather this week until Saturday.

Do you know what things excite me about being on the cruise?
-Having someone make your bed for you each day, and turn down service while you are at dinner!
-Their coffee, available 24/7, tastes GOOD.
-The food is abundant.
- A room service menu, all "free"(just recommended to give a small tip, but food is included in cruise price)
-The open sea
-Sleeping in a moving hotel room that takes you to your destination

What don't I like?
-Drunk obnoxious people randomly around you. ;)

But, the good stuff makes up for it.

I feel very blessed to be able to go again and to have a nice husband who wants me to have a mommy break.


beka said...

that list of things you're excited about sounds WONDERFUL. ;) especially the coffee that tastes good! i'm excited for you!

--that's sweet that kavi will have his daddy, too.
lovely plan! my goodness:)

Angela said...

How fun!! I hope the weather is PERFECT!! Have a great time!!