Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I got the kind of boots I wanted!

Thanks to my parents who bought them, and my mom who searched through page after page after page after page of lace up boots on amazon.com until she found some that had my size! And a good price. She asked me if I liked them first, I said yes, and so she ordered them. They look good online, but they are even cuter in person!!

Here is a picture from the amazon listing, I have the brown ones!:

And my Christmas eve late night snapshot on my phone! I hadn't laced them all the way up yet:

Even with my not skinny calves, they zip up! *phew*  And I can't be happier, they are even pretty comfortable! I got other awesome gifts but I am tired so I will have to blog about it another day!


beka said...

i got a pair of boots, also! pretty exciting :) those are cute on you!

Angela said...

They are SO cute!!