Monday, May 2, 2011

Color Inspiration

Bright color inspiration.
1. Acorn-ucopia, 2. wardrobe remix. 04/16/11.,
3. first hottie mchothot of a day., 4. Goddess Gown

I also made this treasury Saturday night. I wanted to make it bright!
You can click the image to see the treasury in full.
My parents left to go back to AL today. Of course it's always sad saying bye! Everyone handled it ok but Kavi is getting older and knows better now that they live a long drive way. He got sad after they left, but then got distracted by toys soon after. I feel tired out today so we will just relax.


Angela said...

So glad you had a nice visit with your parents :) Those sugar cookies look darn good!

Beka said...

that purple "goddess gown" is amazing!!
aww, so nice to spend time with the family! though farewells are never that fun.