Thursday, May 12, 2011


I seem to have caught some kind of 24 hour or more thing that suddenly appeared Tuesday evening. I am feeling better today but not to my totally normal self yet.

My cousin(who we threw the shower for) got induced to have her baby Mon night and he was born Tuesday afternoon. I was excited to go see them at the hospital! She was in a hospital that is about an hour away. Well, after my husband got home from work and we ate dinner, we got ready to go. We stopped at a grocery store along the way for me to get a baby boy balloon and flowers. But I started feeling extra weird while in the store and had to make a pit stop.(ew)

Back in the car, I felt worse and worse and nauseous. About 15 minutes later I had my husand stop at a Wendy's so I could go into the bathroom. And I threw up. :( I knew that meant we had to turn around and go home, even though we had made it about 35 mins towards the hospital. I didn't want to get anyone else sick, especially not my cousin and her baby!

Tuesday night was yucky but thankfully after I went to bed, I didn't have to make any more gross bathroom trips. I felt tired out yesterday and stayed in bed most of the day. Today I feel better but like I said, not 100% yet.

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Nen said...

sorry you got so sick! i hope you're back to normal now! i HATE throwing up!