Monday, May 23, 2011

Inspiration: clothes, hair, and home

I am revisiting some images I have already posted here in the past. I have posted so many that no one might remember them. But I have them in my flickr favorites. Since I cut bangs last week, I noticed how so often, not only did I like the styling of the clothing in photos I have shared, but I also liked their hair. And why did it take me so long to realize so many had bangs! And why didn't I cut some sooner? I am always behind on the trends! hah...And I didn't know until recently that some people call bangs "fringe". Well ok then.

So here is a revisit of some photos I have already posted, bangs involved.

And how about some tree branch and birch inspiration! From pinterest:

I am now on pinterest:

If you have wanted to be on there and need an invite, let me know and I can pass one along.

I got this post mostly finished, and things went wacky! Images covering words and wouldn't enter down with the enter key. I had to redo it!


beka said...

i think i'm in love with that first pinterest picture! porches? LOVE. we don't have one, and i dream of having one. gah.


and bangs? hmm. i'm kinda growing mine out a bit; the summer air tends to flip them out if they're newly cut, etc....but we'll see. i like putting them behind my ears. it'd be pretty daring to do actual BANGS, since i haven't had them since i was probably 7...don't know if i could even "work" them! lol
you look great with them, btw!

Angela said...

Love all the birch trees! Your bangs- adorable!

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

I love when you do posts like this! Everything is so stunning and I LOVE your bangs:)