Saturday, May 21, 2011

Necklace Clearance

I marked down all the necklaces, shown above, in my shop around 50% off(oops miscalculated at first) for a big clearance. I only have 12 necklaces listed right now, but they have been for sale for a long time and I would love to clear out these items.

I haven't said much about it lately but my Etsy has been the slowest it's ever been. I also have not made any new items in months, ever since the trip to India. I don't have as much time to spend doing it or lost some of the motivation maybe? It's time for me to either reevaluate the jewelry shop or let it close if I can sell off the items. Unsure. I have the pillow shop too, which I could refocus on maybe during summer to sew new items.


beka said...

hmmm. going to check it out:)

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

OH!! I think I know where I'm headed on Etsy today!! Yeah! I love your work!