Friday, April 29, 2011


I am trying to do this quick. My parents made a last minute decision to come visit us this weekend! They arrived last night. Kavi was so happy this morning, even though he knew they were coming, he was in bed before they arrived. This morning I reminded him that they are here and he ran out of the room and said "Grandpa!" and ran over to his Grandpa, who was in the living room. :) My parents just took Kavi to the store with them and I am home alone, which is VERY rare! I still need to finish getting ready too.

My parents live near where tornado damage happened but not close enough to affect their town. They really were blessed to be missed by tornadoes in the north and in the south of them. My dad's work involves driving north of them a little bit and he found out that power was out all over and expected to be out for days. So that's why they decided to come.

I baked some sugar cookies last night since they were coming. Although they weren't purely a homemade mixture. I bought one of those powder mixes on sale at Target, in their Easter clearance, that you just add the egg and butter(or margarine) to. But they still taste yummy!

Oh, I also bought a muffin/cupcake pan on sale at Target for $5 too! I didn't actually own one!

I took pictures of the cookie process last night, even though it's simple and not exciting. I just wanted to post the pictures. :)

I hope I'm not the only one here with old yucky looking baking pans.

(I rolled a few in cinnamon sugar, although the cinnamon taste didn't come out strong in the finished product)
I offer you all a virtual sugar cookie and hope your weekend is good!


thestoryofkat said...

(in a whisper: i've totally got a baking sheet and a muffin tin that are old and "well loved" like that too!)

Beka said...

hah! most of ours are just like that. no matter how much i use a stainless scraper on 'em, they never look nice. :P but they work! and the food is good:)