Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aquarium Visit

The leafy looking thing="Leafy Sea Dragon", near the seahorse tanks. Cool!
We bought the annual pass as planned yesterday, when we visited the Aquarium. :) What we didn't know is that the pass would be 20% off for Memorial Day weekend! We saved $24 off the price. So we started out the visit extra happy. We really enjoyed it! I am happy that we can go back and visit often. There is this whole outside water play area for kids that is included.

Kavi was a little apprehensive with how we started our walk in the aquarium, picking the dark/deep water zone first. There were a lot of cool species in dark tanks, with dark lighting, but bright signs and occasional colored lights. The jellyfish turned whatever color the light turned in their tank. So pretty!

But by the time we left, the things that made Kavi unsure at first seemed to not bother him as much.


beka said...

wow, those jelly fishes.
pretty cool! :)

Angela said...

Great photos! The extra savings- bonus!! I LOVE it when that happens. I hope you enjoy each and every trip back.