Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The park

There is a park near here that my husband sometimes takes our son to in the evening after dinner. I usually stay home to do dishes or just to get a break and to actually be alone for a little awhile.

But last Sunday evening we were all bored after being home all day, so we all went to the park. Kavi cutely refers to it as the "Florida park" (but that is not it's name). And if there are little kids there for him to interact with, he calls them his friends. There weren't really any friends for him to play with Sunday evening. But it was still fun.

We first walked on a walking track that encircles the park before going to the playground.
Kavi has gotten much more adventurous than he was, say, a year ago. I guess he was only two a year ago though! This playground set actually says for ages 5 and up. It's not the biggest playground area compared to the one at the beach, which has different heights and a separate area for very little kids. But this one is really close to our house.

I regret not going more often when the weather was cooler. It is getting really hot again, and even in the evenings it can be in the 80's and humid. But I am sure Kavi will be having more adventures at the "Florida park".


Angela said...

aw - Three is such a sweet age :) I love how they make friends so easily. My little nephew calls the other kids at daycare "the babies" I guess he doesn't realize they are his age :)

Lucy The Valiant said...

So cute! And I love that he named the park. My husband recently had a loooong discussion with his mother about which nearby park was the 'wooden park' that she used to take him to when he was little. He wanted to take our girls there, but couldn't remember the actual name, and his mom had no idea which park he was talking about!